Mount Pleasant Police
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INTERACTIVE FORM:    If you have been involved in an automobile accident you must complete and forward to DMV within 10 days a DMV 104-A form, if:

1) Any person is killed or injured. ( No matter how slight the injury );

2) Any involved vehicle sustained $1000.00 or more in damage.

Failure to notify DMV may result in the suspension of your driving privileges.
To request information regarding police activity or events that have occurred in this jurisdiction a person must complete a Freedom of Information Request Form.  You must describe specifically the information that you are requesting.  Once the form is completed you may fax the form to police headquarters at 914-769-7199.  Forms that are not fully completed will be rejected.Freedom of Information Request
Identity Theft Victims Identity theft affected approximately 10 million people in 2003.  The best way to protect yourself against this crime is to always shred important documents.  Thieves love to look through trash for your personal data.

Whenever you use your credit card or provide personal information to a web-site, look for the closed lock symbol on your computer, near your clock.  This symbol indicates that any information you transmit will be encrypted.

If you suspect that you have become a victim of identity theft immediately contact the 3 major credit bureaus listed on this downloadable page.

Annoying Phone Call ProcedureTo file a complaint for "hang-up or annoying" phone calls, follow the procedures posted in this link.  The directions will describe what needs to be done before a charge can be filed against an individual.
Freedom of Information Request
Identity Theft Victims
Annoying Phone Call Procedure