Mount Pleasant Police
Wanted - Level 2 Sex Offender

Arrest Warrant Issued April 12, 2005
                                                                  Warrant Executed June 1, 2006
Name:      Rafael Coronado
Ethnicity: Hispanic
DOB:       10/29/65  (40 years old)
Height:    5'06"
Weight:    140
Hair:      Black
Eyes:      Brown
Rafael Coronado is a convicted  Level 2 Sex Offender. The release of this information was prohibited due to a court injunction. Recently, a Final Determination was reached in Mr. Coronado's status which authorized the police to make public notification to the vulnerable population in the area where Mr. Coronado lived.  Several days later the Mount Pleasant Police received notification from the NYS Sex Offender Registry that Mr. Coronado failed to complete his yearly address verification form with their agency. A police investigation was immediately commenced, but his whereabouts are unknown.
Rafael Coronado is WANTED by the Mount Pleasant Police Department for failure to comply with his yearly registration requirements as set forth in the New York State Correction Law.  Mr. Coronado was also legally required to notify the Mount Pleasant Police Department or the Department of Criminal Justice Services no later than 10 days after a change of address, which he failed to do.
Mr. Coronado was a resident of the Valhalla area. He was Convicted of Rape 3rd degree on August 8, 2003, involving a 15 year old female. He was subsequently sentenced to 1 year in jail.